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ID Drawer ID Subject Title Canada\USA Other Country Other names Year Scale Copies Series Sheets Atlas Notessort descending
4036 374 Physical sciences - geology Carta Geologica (Mexico) Mexico 1972 1:50,000 1 Yes 2 No There are definitely maps that fall in this series further up in the drawer somewhere...
417 28 Historical geography (portrayal of a specific historical event, e.g., WWI trenches) Map of Australia Australia 1937 variable 1 Yes 4 No there is a repeat
1281 78 Political geography Map of Japan Japan 1967 1:28,000,000 and 1:4,000,000 3 No No There is a topographic map on the reverse side. There are 4 copies.
5426 468 Physical sciences - geology Ecologica del Paesaggio Della Valle del Solano (Casentino, Italia) Italy 1992 VARIOUS 1 No No There's a note written on pencil saying there is a text accompanying this. It is not here.
1152 72 Physical sciences - geology [CHINESE] China 1976 [CHINESE], spans all china 2 No No these last several maps appear to have single person authors
3798 276 Physical sciences - geology No Title (Misc. Geological Maps) British Columbia 1941-1970 various 1 Yes 48 No These maps were put in the same series because they all have the same call number: G3512.C5 MISC
4166 382 Others No Title (The Caribbean Political, Topographic, etc) The Caribbean 1825-1866 various 1 Yes 9 No These maps were put in the same series because they all have the same call number: G4901.S1; I would like these maps if McGill doesn't take them.
3275 242 Physical sciences - geology Fourteen Vertical Sections Accross the Ore Zone at Kirkland Lake Ontario 1928 No scale 1 No No This is a legend
3266 238 Physical sciences - geology Geology of Ontario Ontario 1991 1:1,000,000 1 No No This is not a map, it is a cover sheet for 5 series
4373 399 Topographic Map French Guiana (CIA) Guyana French Guiana 1972 1:2,300,000 2 No No throw away